The Dolphin Room at Tender Time

(Preschoolers ages 33 months to 4 years)

Staff to Child Ratio:  1 Adult per 10 Children

 Licensed for 20 Young Preschoolers

Our younger preschoolers experience a relaxed, loving and educational atmosphere as they work on both academic and social skills to prepare for school!

  • Letter  and Number Recognition
  • Name Recognition
  • Letter sounds and Phonics
  • Counting
  • More and Less
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Holding a Pencil
  • Tracing and Writing Letters
  • Spelling, Tracing and Writing First and Last Names
  • Colors, Number and Some Words in Spanish
  • Cutting and Beading
  • Patterns
  • Days of the Week and Months of the Year
  • Opposites

At Tender Time we are dedicated to providing all preschoolers with the utmost learning experiences!

  • Sharing
  • Using Words to Express Wants, Needs or Emotions
  • Lining Up, Standing in Line and Walking in the hallway
  • Manners
  • Stay seated, Listen and Participate in Group Time
  • Patience for food with hands in lap and quiet

Items needed from the Parents/Guardians:

  • Pull Ups if needed
  • Extra clothes
  • Blanket and pillow for naptime

Dress your child for the weather! We go outside twice every day, unless it is raining or too hot or too cold. Make sure their outside gear is always here. All children should come dressed and ready for the day. The only exception to this is pajama day.