Child Care Center Quality

Tender Time Learning Center:

  • Is licensed and regularly monitored by MN state regulatory agency.
  • Has our entrance secured with an electronic keypad.
  • Is a private and locally owned center.
  • Directors are educated, friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Makes you feel welcomed while in the center.
  • Practices emergency procedures routinely.
  • Provides secure pick-up/drop-off procedures.
  • Always has an open door policy for parents/guardians.
  • Ensures entire facility is clean.
  • Oversees a certified cook on site.
  • Serves meals in compliance with USDA and the Food and Nutrition Service.

Tender Time Learning Center Classrooms:

  • Are open and inviting.
  • Offer a structured learning environment.
  • Provides age appropriate curriculum that can be repeated individually when necessary.
  • Employs staff who meet the guidelines set by the State .
  • Promotes staff getting involved with the children, not just directing their activities.
  • Use only positive reinforcement methods to guide behavior.
  • Provides affectionate and responsive caregivers to the children.
  • Cleans and sanitizes toys and equipment daily.
  • Ensures caregivers training is current in CPR, 1st Aid, Child Passenger Safety, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • Requires staff and children to wash their hands throughout the day.
  • Provides children adequate supervision.