The Falcon Room at Tender Time

(School Kids Ages 6-7 years to 12 years)

Staff to Child Ratio:  1 Adult per every 15 Children

Licensed for 27 in this classroom


This classroom has School Age children (1st grade and up)

During the school year:

Before School ~

  • Breakfast
  • Depending on which school, children are either picked up by a school bus or
    driven to school in our vans

After School ~

  • Kids are picked up from school
  • Help with homework
  • Group activities
  • Art projects
  • Outside time

Summer School Age Program:

  • Group activities
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Art projects
  • Writing journal
  • Field trips

Dress your child for the weather! We go outside twice every day, unless it is raining or too hot or too cold. Make sure their outside gear is always here. All children should come dressed and ready for the day.